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political setbacks t deserved. >> bill: president obama gives a long state of the union address. what were his best moments? what were his worst moments? laura ingraham, frank luntz, and marc lamont hill will analyze. >> i will work to finally repeal the law that denies gay americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are. [ applause ] >> bill: the president finally weighs in on the gay military issue. the culture warriors will speak to that. >> last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interest. including foreign corporations. >> bill: megyn kelly is angry that the president disrespected the supreme court. wrong.e kids on this one. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. is the president's speech over yet? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. that was a long deal last night, was it not? but i have to say the president delivered his speech very well. he seemed relaxed and in charge. because i am a simple man, as you know. i'm going to break the state of the union down in a very basic way and i will do it in three minutes, not 70. big theme of the night was job creation. the president believes the government should spend a ton of money providing jobs for the folks who don't have them. okay. i get it. but, with the deficit so huge, my simple question is why not try private incentives first? mr. obama is proposing tax break force american businesses to create jobs. that's good. tax cuts will stimulate spending so we need more of those. and let's bend over backwards to help small companies hire folks. private business the backbone in our economy and always has been. so talking points opposes massive federal spending on the job front unless the tax breaks
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don't work. keep the federal money in reserve, mr. president, because america's debt is as big a problem as unemployment. number two, health care. here is what the president said on that. >> if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured uninsured, strengthen medicare for seniors, and stop insurance company abuses, let me know. >> bill: okay. i'm up for the challenge. rather than spending still more government money creating an enormous bureaucracy, why don't we allow all health insurance companies to compete in all 50 states and then allow judges to punish people who sue doctors and other medical personnel for stupid reasons. that's what they do in great britain. if you file a nuisance lawsuit, a judge can order you to pay all the costs, that is known as tort reform. now, i agree with president obama the government should regulate health insurance companies. they can't be throwing people off the roles when they get sick
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and can't be fighting legit legitimate reimbursement. some insurance companies try to wear you down. that's unfair. i agree with the president on that. we don't need trillions of federal dollars to solve the health care problem. we have medicaid that gives poor people money to pay medical bills. increase insurance competition, stopping crazy lawsuits and man dating strict rules for insurance companies to follow might be a partial solution to the health care debacle. it's not going to solve everything, but it's a heck of a lot more efficient than what mr. obama wants which is a fiscal nightmare. finally the president did not speak about the war on terror very much but he must, must stop the nonsense about giving khalid sheikh mohammed and other al qaeda thugs civilian trials. just yesterday new york mayor bloomberg says he wants the khalid trial out of new york city because it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. the president doesn't seem to get it. >> i know that all of us love this country. all of us are committed to its defense.
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so let's put aside the school yard taunts about who is tough. >> bill: no taunts here, mr. president. just common sense. let the military handle these al qaeda killers. attorney general holder is not equipped to do it. i'm not taunting. i'm just reporting. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, what was the best moment and what was the worst moment in the president's state of the union address? we asked dr. frank luntz to wire up the folks and find out. he joins us from baltimore. all right. set the scene as you always do, doctor. >> well, we wanted to go to one of the swing states, the important states for 2010. so we went to philadelphia, pennsylvania, on the university of pennsylvania campus. 26 participants. evenly divided between john mccain and barack obama, handed them our patented fox news dials and the higher you see the lines climb the more favorable the reaction. if you see them go down, it means the voters don't like what they are hearing. >> bill: that's where we begin. the worst moment according to the folks in the state of the union address. roll it. >> experts from across the
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political spectrum warn that if we did not act, we might face a second depression. so we acted. immediately and aggressively. and one year later, the worst of the storm has passed. but the devastation remains. >> bill: okay. so he did pretty well if that was the worst thing that he said. the democrats were, you know, 50%, 60%, republicans down below 40. the democrats went down at the end. i thought they liked the economic stimulus, did they not? >> here is the issue that no one believes that the recession is over. it was larry summers who made the comments on abc news that the recession was over and that the recovery had begun. look. if you are unemployed, if you are afraid of losing your job, if you didn't get the pay increase you were expecting, you think that the recession is still ongoing. it's a mistake for the obama administration to try to tell people that they should feel good when they frankly feel
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pretty bad. >> bill: okay. so it wasn't a matter of debating the effectiveness of the government's stimulus to try to prop up the banks, keep them from collapsing. it was just that president obama was indicating to these people that the worse is behind us and they don't believe it? >> they don't believe it because they are suffering right now. i have seen polling data that two thirds of americans are still not going out to dinner as much as they used to. that half of them are unable to donate to charities as much as they want. 40% are cutting back on what they are spending on their kids. even one out of four have reduced how much money they're spending for doctors or for health care. bill, this is a serious recession here. when obama says that the worst is over, the ear of the average american is, he thinks that we are through it, and they are not. >> bill: okay. in both parties. >> correct. >> bill: now, this was his best moment. roll the tape. >> we're tired of the partisan and the shouting and the pettiness. they know we can't afford it. not now.
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so we face big and difficult challenges. and what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, democrats and republicans, to work through our differences. to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. >> bill: okay. so it's the let's all get together and solve the problems that worked for the president last night. >> right. it's -- but it's also about let's end the negativity. let's end the accusations. and later on in the speech obama came after the republicans for disagreeing on principle. and it's interesting that tomorrow he is going to address the house republican conference in their meeting right here in baltimore. that the american people saying politics and politicians enough is enough, we want it done differently. frankly, bill, they want barack obama's communication from his election campaign, rather than the policies that he has
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promoted over the last year. >> bill: okay. it's interesting though that both parties still want cooperation and to bring the temperature down because it is obviously a divided country right now. the other thing is that president obama did blame the bush administration in his speech last night for a lot of the problems that he has not yet solved. and then he appeals for, well, let's all get together and work together. i said, you know, you continue to blame the other guys and then you want to get together and work together. i don't know how that works, you know. >> one of the coolest things that we found in the research we did 10 days ago from boston is that scott brown's campaign when he said i am not bush-cheney. i'm running for the u.s. senate for the people's seat, not ted kennedy's seat and i'm an independent voice. when he attacked, when challenged his opponent who was criticizing him for the bush-cheney policies, not only did he score points, he won votes. that is a lesson for the republican party that there is a way to respond to this, it's to
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simply say hey, i wasn't there. this is not part of me. let's focus on the future, not be trapped in the past. >> bill: okay. we asked frank to pick one thing that he found very interesting in his dial-up session last night. roll the tape. >> starting in 2011, we are preparing to freeze government spending for three years. [ applause ] spending related to our national security, medicare, medicaid, and social security, will not be affected. but all other discretionary government programs will. >> bill: now, as soon as he said freeze, the democrat line went down. >> down, yes. >> bill: when he started to explain, it went up. what's that all about? >> it's funny because the democrats really don't want a freeze. they want more investment more spending on these programs and the democrats don't trust him. that's why they didn't respond. here is something that i know in polling would get a 70% or 75% support level but not on these dials. bill, if any of yours viewers
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want to participate and grab one of those dials themselves and react to the ads and react to the speeches they need to go to the word they can sign up and we will be doing this all throughout the year. it was my favorite clip because both sides had a problem with it. >> bill: all right. frank, thanks very much. as always, we appreciate it. laura ingraham will give us her take on the state of the union and marc lamont hill will do the same. also, megyn kelly fired up about president obama insulting the supreme court. miss megan coming up. heck it ous blowing up sky high ♪ ♪ - ditched my used subcompact for a two-wheeled ride ♪ ♪ - now i'm rolling eco-friendy but i still look bad ♪
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story, analyzing the state of the union address, joining us from washington, fox news analyst laura ingraham. okay. what was your worst thing, the worst thing president obama did or said last night? >> i think the worst thing, bill, is this claim that the republicans aren't showing leadership when they say no to his policies. he repeated that in a few
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different ways. that's not leadership require a 60 vote majority for all these big issues. the american people want us to do these big things. they want us to work together. well, you know, frankly, there is not always a political solution to a substantive problem. i think that's a fundamental misreading of what's happened in these three elections. for him to say it's not leadership when mitch mcconnell, john boehner, john thune, paul ryan, and all these other guys have true ideological differences with what he is trying to do is preposterous. the republicans actually are doing what they are doing, bill, not because they have a personal animus towards the president, they are doing what they are doing because they think it's the best thing for the country. and, yet, the president seems to dismiss that as, you know, it's the old school yard taunts, it's tv pundits. i don't know who he was taking a shot at there when he referred to tv pundits. it's a like the president has for anyone who has a real, definitive, persistent disagreement with him.
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>> bill: wouldn't it be good politics at this point in history for the republican party to basically sit it out and let the democratic party implode, which it pretty much has done for the past six months and not cooperate. wouldn't that be good politics? >> i think it's not only good policy, it's the right thing to do. i mean, the idea, bill -- >> bill: but then he is right if the republicans are never going to cooperate on anything for political reasons then the president is right. >> no. i think on the issues where they really disagree with the president. for them to just roll over and say okay, you guys think you should do that. and my point is people didn't turn out to vote in massachusetts, virginia, and new jersey for the republican because, as frank luntz said, they wanted everyone to work together and they wanted bipartisanship. that's not why people voted republican. they want jobs and economy to grow and addiction to spending to stop. that's why they voted. the president doesn't get that. >> bill: what was the best thing that he did? >> good night and god bless america. that was the absolute -- >> bill: oh, come on.
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there had to be something in that 70-minute speech. >> see, miller can get away with that. i can't get away with that the best part of the speech is when he said america will never settle being number two behind china and india. i love hearing democrat president talking about american greatness how we want to be number one. we should be number one. i love that. if that was paired up with actual policy initiatives that shake off the burdens that are on american business, bill, i would be cheering. but i loved, in principle, i loved the fact that he said that i think democrats need to talk more about american greatness and preserving our number one status around the world. i think people like that. >> bill: okay. now, i'm going to deal with megyn kelly on this issue but since you are a former clerk for the supreme court, miss laura was with clarence thomas, right? >> yes, i was. he wasn't there last night. >> bill: that was the only thing about the speech that thing. was when president obama pretty
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much insulted the judges, the justices, i should say, that voted to rescind parts of the mccain-feingold campaign law because they were sitting right there. how did you react to that? >> i have two minds about that i'm thinking if it's a republican president and a liberal supreme court did something like strike down a ban on partial birth abortion or anything like that. i don't have any problem with the president looking at them and saying, look, this is my view. i don't have a problem with that he has every right to take on the other branches but there is separation of powers. what i didn't like is that he factually misrepresented the case. and whoever vetted that part of the speech, bill, basically should lose his or her job because he factually misstated the issue about foreign contribution. >> bill: you don't have to go into it. we did call the white house today for their response, which is an interesting response. >> i love justice alito though the joe wilson moment. he said that's not true. >> bill: it wasn't a joe wilson moment. he did it inwardly.
8:17 pm
>> i'm just saying, people noticed it specifically saying the president was telling a lie. >> bill: i don't know if it's a lie. it's not true. that's not going to happen. it's an interpretation of the event. there are some facts in the event. we will lay them out a little bit later on. >> bill, do you know what i think happened with his speech? most of it was reason as state of the unions are. i used to be a speech writer eons ago. most of it was written before the scott brown victory. they had to scrap most of the speech. they had a hodgepodge and shove back stuff into it tried to reconstitute the speech. it was tough. it ended up being a lot of mush here and there without a really consistent theme to it. >> bill: it was absolutely too long. that was the best speech that he has given since the campaign trail though. he was good about his delivery. >> really? >> bill: he had energy and authority. >> oh. >> bill: it was way too long. >> i thought it was like a cold bowl of oatmeal. it was about as appealing as
8:18 pm
that. as a speech and substantively. i don't think it was there. >> bill: directly ahead, the liberal point of view on the president's address last night. and then the culture warriors on president obama's gay friendly statement. back in a moment.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, some snap polls about the president's speech last night, according to cnn, 78% of those watching liked the president's presentation. just 21% had a negative response. cbs poll says a whopping 83% of americans approved of the president's proposals, just 17% rejected them out of hand. so, if you believe the polls, it was a good night for mr. obama. with us now dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. i am going to ask you the same opening question i asked ms. laura. what was the first thing about the president's speech? >> it was so meandering. it was hard to find one bad thing. he jumped all over the speech. particularly at the end of the speech he added the gays in the military thing. it felt like it was spread too thin. i thought the gestures to the right were far too transparent. >> bill: give me a example of the gestures to the right. >> all about the tax cuts. that was to court the right and get standing ovations to the right.
8:22 pm
that was disappointing. he was making an attempt to move towards the center in the speech. >> bill: don't you believe tax cuts stimulate job creation which is what 75% of the speech was true. >> i think that's true. deciding whether or not it should happen in the private sector or public sector is an issue he could have delved into a little more deeply. >> bill: he wants it both ways though. >> that's my point. it was superficial gesture. no substance to it he was trying to make everybody happy. that's why 83% of the public was happy about it. because he didn't say anything that was controversial. >> bill: isn't that shrewd? the guy is on the ropes after massachusetts. penal are questioning his leadership. they are saying oh my god is this whole thing falling apart? the guy doesn't have any experience. were we wrong to vote for him? he gets in there and he gives you what -- have you ever seen the movie "chicago"? >> no. >> bill: gives you the old razzle dazzle. create jobs. the big government job program is going to kick in. i will give tax breaks to maul intis. we will do a two-for. everybody is happy, right. >> that's not leadership though. that's political cowardness to me. stand up for something. and if you don't want to say
8:23 pm
anything controversial, then stream line the speech. we could have cut 30 minutes off the speech. >> bill: easy. >> easy. about jobs. this is about 2010 creating ana. instead, he tried to make everyone happy. il kicked being a big government guy. you are a very liberal guy. you believe big government can come in and level playing fields. he is getting his butt kicked with that approach. i said on this program he is going to have to get away from that or they are going to lose both houses in november. he has got to look out to november. he is going to lose all his power. >> they're not going to lose both houses in november no matter what. they can move power in november. that's his strategy. i understand that however, he didn't say anything substantive. people will see through that right now he will get a bump in the poll. they will realize he is still not is not doing what the people want. >> bill: he did one thing that was very substantive. he basically said health care is on the back burner. >> more or less, yeah. >> bill: that's pretty substantive. >> another disappointing move. to me that's a concession he
8:24 pm
shouldn't have made. >> bill: is he getting murdered with it. he is getting hammered with it? >> if health care is perceived to be a failure for the administration is he done in 2012, absolutely. >> bill: 66% according to a couple of polls don't like his proposals. what do you want him to do get up there and saying great 66% of morons. >> some point you have to stood for something. so far they have stood weak on public issue. >> bill: he stands for something. 66% of the folks you will not be standing for anything. you will be out of there. >> part of why 66% of folks are upset are because of the process. >> bill: they don't understand it? >> the obama administration has offered very little leadership particularly in the beginning of the health care issue. the way to fix it ask to step back. >> bill: he has given 29 speeches on health care and i still don't understand them. >> how many of them had details in them. >> bill: he tried. nobody knows what he is talking about. >> i totally disagree. first 15 of those speeches he said nothing. >> bill: most people don't know what public option is. they don't know what they're talking about. what was the best thing? >> when he finally stood up to
8:25 pm
republicans. he waited, again, 45 minutes. i was on my second red bull by the time he said it look, we shouldn't need a super majority. we shouldn't need 60 votes to get legislation passed. >> bill: as laura ingraham pointed out his legislation is so liberal the republicans are never going to go for it? >> are you honestly suggesting that over the last year every single policy that he has put forth has been so bad, so far to the left that no republican can come on board? that's absurd. >> bill: i will tell you what, the big ones, cap and trade, health care, things like that, they have been very left-wing. >> do you not believe that -- at least particularly in the senate that people are deliberately not cooperating to watch him die and burn? what's your hunch? >> bill: i don't know. i can't speculate on it. it would be a good political strategy. >> of course. >> bill: for the republicans to rope a dope. >> that's long before my time but i have the old black and white clips. >> bill: it's good political strategy for the republicans, basically to rope a dope and do nothing. >> that's what they're doing.
8:26 pm
>> bill: wait, wait, wait. come on, it's not good for the country to do that. >> i agree. so i can't tell you -- i'm sure there are some republicans that say we are not going to cooperate no matter what. i'm sure. i don't know if it's a majority or not. >> let's tie those two claims together and say republicans are doing something bad for the country. you are allowed to say that. >> bill: why would i say that i can't back it up. >> democrats have the strongest majority in decades in the senate and nothing is getting through. two things, democrats are weak and republicans are on obstructionists. they are north competing claims. democrats are divided and republicans are obstructing. >> bill: they don't have enough votes to obstruct. democrats couldn't get to 60. >> which means they didn't have enough votes. republicans had enough votes to obstruct. i'm glad we agree. >> bill: i don't agree. i got to go. what's your name again? marc lamont hill, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves g does al qaeda killer khalid sheikh mohammed is causing obama a lot of trouble have any
8:27 pm
constitutionalhas en investigating. the military brass didn't look real thrilled last night when president obama said he wants don't ask don't tell revoked. the culture warriors will weigh in. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] the volkswagon routan is not only unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum attention to detail, from individually operated dvd players, child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] ...elegant leather seating surfaces and wireless headsets,
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight, as you may know cbs has accepted a super bowl ad which features tim tebow and his mother delivering a pro-life message. first for the culture warriors, don't ask, don't tell.
8:30 pm
>> this year i will work with congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are. [ applause ] it's the right thing to do. >> bill: here now fox business anchor cheryl casone in for gretchen carlson tonight and fox news analyst margaret hoover. does anybody care about don't ask don't tell anybody anymore? >> i'm so glad you phrased it that when you have sauce stral i can't united kingdom and israel all to openly serve in their military you are right. the issue has been so different with folks in my generation as oppose into 1960's when my dad enlisted in the army. >> bill: i don't care -- i mean the only way i care about this casone is if the military brass would say look, in our culture with the military recruiting mostly conservative people, that's who goes up for the military, all the polls show that, traditional military families, they are not comfortable with openly gay
8:31 pm
people in the barracks. i think that's a morale issue that is a legitimate issue. >> i think they will have to deal with that. that's the one concern that i have about this and certainly, i mean 10,500 service people quitting between 2007 and 2008 because i'm gay. give me a break. >> bill: that's not that many. >> these are people who are willing to protect me, stop terrorists from coming into my backyard and coming after me and you are going to kick them out because they say they are gay? give me a break. >> translating arabic by the way. one dearth people speaking arabic and kicking out arabic translater. i have to take issue with definition of conservatives. social conservatives, fiscal conservatives. lots of different kinds. just because somebody defines themselves as conservative does not mean anti-gay. >> bill: comfortable in barracks that doesn't mean anti-gay. most military people don't want
8:32 pm
openly gay people. >> there will still people in this country that are not comfortable with anybody being gay. how many times have we seen gay marriage get voted down across this country. it is still out there and the military is going to have to police it correctly. >> bill: i never agreed with bill clinton's position don't ask, don't tell was okay. don't talk about it and don't be, you know, coming out or whatever. i got to go on to number two because it's important. all right, this tim tebow thing. we reported this earlier and we had jehmu greene on who is a pro-life person. the pro-life lobby doesn't like the fact that cbs has accepted this ad. roll the tape. >> i can't imagine the decision that the tebows had to face when given the news about the pregnancy and i think it's that very choice that pam tebow was allowed to make about her reproductive health decisions that this ad is trying to take away. >> bill: why would it do that. >> from all american women.
8:33 pm
>> bill: i don't see the ad, casone, taking away anybody's right to do anything. it's celebrating a story. >> this is what i find questionable. cbs has changed their policy. they are trying to be open more about ad advocacy. they need the money. >> bill: that's not why. they need the money. >> they need the money. we know that at the end of the day, if you are going to do an ad like, this you are going to talk about pro-life, why not run this ad durg the oscars? why are you running it during the super bowl? >> bill: do the math, get your calculator. 2 million in the super bowl. >> i get the money. trust me, i get that. trust me. >> bill: hoover, what do you say. >> the ad is not trying to take away my right to choose if i want to have an abortion. it's trying to convince me not to have one. >> bill: it's celebrating their story. >> and they are trying to convince people to choose not to -- inform people. that's okay. you know what though? that's okay. we have a first amendment in this country for a reason. the pro-choice people can take out an ad. cbs will be happy to air their ad way more ideologically
8:34 pm
aligned with the cbs editorial board and what they tend to put on the news. the story here talking about -- >> bill: you don't have any trouble with the ad? >> no. >> bill: do you have any trouble with the ad. >> i haven't seen the ad but i don't know if i have trouble with it if it's what i think it's going to be. i do, actually. i mean, i think i have a problem with the ad. look, it is a law that a woman has the right to choose. do you really need to spend $2 million to see a commercial during the super bowl through the football game. >> bill: they have the freedom to do it. >> why the super bowl? oscars? different audience. >> bill: more people. the oscars? come on. nobody watches that anymore. more people doing this and i'm fine with the and they have right to get their message out, period. >> bill o'reilly is right, once again. >> bill: i love when i overwhelm the culture warriors. when we come right back, megyn kelly with two huge stories. president obama insulting the supreme court. and the chaotic khalid sheikh mohammed situation. the kelly file is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight the most important part of the president's speech last night was this: >> with all do you deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests, including
8:38 pm
foreign cooperations. to spend without limit in our election. >> bill: okay. the real reason this is controversial is that there is a law that says foreign enterprises cannot, cannot spend money in the u.s. election. we contacted the white house today. i got -- this from ben la bolt, office of the press secretary, a lot of stuff here. and they say the ruling leaves open the possibility, the possibility of foreign controlled corporations making contributions to elections in the u.s.a. with us now megyn kelly, anchor of american alive as opposed to american deceased debuts monday. >> some tapes are -- some shows are on tape. some shows are but mine isn't. >> bill: how long did it take for you to come up with megyn live. >> no dead people at any time.
8:39 pm
>> bill: did it come up for weeks to come up with american live. >> run it up the flag pole. somebody above my pay grade came one it. >> bill: i will be watching. this two hours of megyn every day. >> it's going to be good. everybody will be watching. >> bill: i don't care about the spin. i just want the law. i'm in poland. i own a corporation. i want to give money to an american politician. can i do it? >> no. >> bill: what happens if i try? >> you are not allowed. i mean, if somebody caught you, you could be prosecuted for violation of law. >> bill: i'm from poland awant to go to disney world and i show up and want to give money to john mccain or whoever, they can arrest me. >> yes. not aloud. president obama came out and said foreign companies, this ruling by the supreme court opens the door for foreign companies to basically make contributions. >> bill: intrude into the election. >> then it was pointed out that the law foreign companies are still not allowed to make these donations. >> bill: why didn't the president know that. >> laura ingraham has a point whoever wrote that line for him
8:40 pm
in the speech needs to be held accountable. then the white house came out and said well maybe it's not foreign corporations, subsidiaries of foreign corporations. even that arguably is not true there is a f.e.c. >> bill: he didn't say subsidiaries. monty's auto body shop in akron, which is owned by some polish barron. monty lives in the united states. >> he said the supreme court opened the flood gates to special interest, including foreign companies to spend without limits. >> bill: that's not true. >> that's not true. >> bill: they made a mistake, the white house? >> i think at the did. >> bill: you think or you know. >> they did. as spoken by president obama is not accurate. you know, in your promos you are saying how angry i was. what i'm angry about people called sam alito's joe wilson moment. it was not. the thing that bothered me as a former supreme court correspondent this sun precedented yes, of course president obama has a right to say what he wants. of course he has a first
8:41 pm
amendment right to espouse his opinion even if it's in front of the justices, but this is unprecedented. in fact, according to the reports that i have looked at, a president has only even called out the supreme court on a decision nine times in u.s. history in the state of the union. every time i saw that we could pull up to the green room, very gingered, generic like the supreme court. >> bill: really love you guys. >> their docket is overflowing. we need to do something to reduce that it wasn't a full frontal assault. >> bill: this was. >> on the justices who are sit ago stone throw away from him. >> bill: did you think that was not classy? why did you get upset about it. >> i got upset -- look -- look at the poor justices. >> bill: poor guys? most powerful people in the country. >> look at them. they already have to wear those robes. >> bill: you think judge sotomayor was asleep? >> if he was shouting out don't you think she would at least look at him. i don't know if he spoke the words. the guy had a visceral reaction
8:42 pm
to being called out. >> bill: you felt sorry for the supreme court. >> i did. >> bill: that's the kind of woman you are. >> i covered those justices. i think they are good people. >> bill: you live here in new york city. mayor bloomberg comes out five months after the fact and say gee we shouldn't have khalid sheikh mohammed here because it will cost millions. there is a move in congress to block the federal funding of the trial. the feds will have to give them some money. i'm going to predict right now this guy will not be tried in new york city. they will be forced to move it out. what is the law? say president obama comes to his senses and says, you know, it's probably better to hand him back to the military. that's legal, is it not? >> it's legal and actually pretty easy. because when the military commission trials were dismissed. when those charges in the military commission were dismissed. they were dismissed without prejudice which means you can refile the charges at any time. as a practical matter they wouldn't do that until the criminal trial has been dismissed. so, if president obama -- >> bill: the attorney general would have to dismiss the charges.
8:43 pm
>> yeah. >> bill: then the military would reconstitute them or whatever? >> they take it back up in the military commission and he would be tried there. >> bill: okay. doesn't that make sense? i mean, i'm not going at this from an ideological point of view. you want to spend $600 million on these clowns jumping occupy and down. >> the attorney general if he were here would say we got greatest justice system in the world. and we can handle such a trial. we have done it with terrorist suspects in the past. >> bill: that's true. but why bother if legally the army can do this for $39.95 a day. okay? [ laughter ] >> bill: guys are already getting paid. not getting any more. $39.95. i did the math. that's it. a few sandwiches. khalid gets maybe a bagel, whatever he wants in the morning. okay, $600 million and this guy gets to scream and yell at his lawyers. come on. this is insane. >> that's the question. really, the attorney general has yet to fully explain why he thinks. >> bill: i'm shocked. and the underwear bomber, do we really want to see this guy in
8:44 pm
his underwear? i don't want to see it. >> i have seen enough of it. >> bill: keep him and his shorts in guantanamo. i don't want to see them. >> it's going to be a little awkward and embarrassing for the jurors if they look through the evidence in that one. >> bill: we wish you the best of luck 1:00 to 3:00 starting monday. >> thank you. >> bill: america live. i have it on good authority that mr. o'reilly will be a guest. >> bill: we're negotiating. >> i have my people meet with your people. >> bill: all by yourself, right? >> >> all by myself i'm a grown up. >> bill: you are going to miss hemmer. >> i will. he is a classy guy. >> bill: sarah palin and the most successful movie of all time now avatar. right back with the quiz. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] it is, the most advanced automobile we have ever created. a car that can help awaken its driver if he begins to doze.
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keep him in his lane if he starts to wander. even stop itself... if he becomes distracted. if you want to see the future of the automobile, look at where the e-class this is the 9th generatn e-class. mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial.
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz. how much do you know about current events? here now fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for janice sanders of red plouffe, california and "fox & friends" dude steve doocy. you got a new gig playing at 9:00 in the morning with bill hemmer.
8:48 pm
does his hair ever move. >> do you think i could mess it up. >> bill: i would pay you to do that. >> how much will you pay? we will talk. >> bill: here is question number one, sarah palin recently made her debut as a fox news analyst. we spoke about why she continues to be attacked by her critics. >> you are the former governor of alaska, former vice presidential candidate. you are a politician. you are a mom. you are an american. tell me what the threat is. >> well, see, obviously it's not about me. it's not about me personally who i am from up there in alaska. >> bill: they are going after you personally. >> they don't like the message. they don't like the common sense conservative solutions that i think i represent. >> bill: okay. now the governor is set to host the tea party convention next month in which city? >> bill: cards up, please. and the answer is nashville. you guys are pinheads. >> we are going to be in the
8:49 pm
wrong place. >> i'm not invited. >> bill: we're off to a great start, are we not? question number two, which nation sent the least amount of aid to haiti after the devastating earthquake? >> bill: cards up, please and the answer is c, saudi arabia. okay, o for 2. saudi arabia sent sand. >> theater million dollars. >> bill: question number three, last night president obama's state of the union address checked in at one hour and nine minutes. >> you see, washington has been telling us to wait for decades. meanwhile, china is not waiting to revamp its economy. germany is not waiting. these nations are -- they are not standing still. these nations aren't playing for second place. well, i do not accept second
8:50 pm
place for the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> bill: okay, according to congressional research, which president likely delivered the shortest state of the union address ever? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is d, george washington. do you know why? >> bill: he was on a horse? >> because nobody, you know. >> bill: nobody cared? nobody was there? >> he wasn't very verbose. nobody watching. no reason to keep going on and on. >> bill: the reason he did he had no teeth. that's true. >> he had no teeth. >> bill: very, very hard for him. >> wooden teeth. >> the horse could have talked. that's a different show, right? [ laughter ] >> bill: why do we have him on? anybody know why we have him on? >> wilbur. >> bill: one day he appeared on
8:51 pm
the great american news quiz. as you know attorney general eric holder made the decision to try khalid sheikh mohammed in a civilian court in new york city. >> 9/11 attacks were both an act of war and violation of our federal criminal law and they could have been prosecuted in either federal courts or military commissions. and at the end of the day, it was clear to me that the venue in which we are most likely to obtain justice for the american people is in federal court. >> bill: at the end of the day, you are insane. in which country was khalid sheikh mohammed, the 9/11 architect arrested? the answer is c, pakistan. we have a tie. >> i got two, she has one. >> i got two. >> >> bill: she got washington right. he is trying to cheat. you have my permission. i told you could mess up hemmer. you can punch him in the nose. >> on camera.
8:52 pm
>> bill: james cameron, the director has now claimed the number one top spot on world worldwide box office beating his own movie titanic. >> out there is the true world and here is the dream. >> you have to leave or you are going to die. >> they sent us a message. they can take whatever they want. we will send them a message that this is our land. >> bill: all right. excellent. now, the rest of the top ten is also comprised of mostly fiction or fantasy. which does not make that list? >> bill: cards up, please. c is correct. indiana jones. okay. now, we need a tie breaker. >> do you know why? >> it's about indiana. >> movie tickets got more expensive. >> bill: okay. i don't care. [ laughter ] >> oh really, mr. o'reilly. >> bill: i don't care. it's a tie. i'm not going to have a tie breaker. both ed richmond and janice
8:53 pm
sanders you both win all the gear. >> mr. edwin -- ed wins? pinheads and patriots on deck starring jessica simpson and this very strange picture in the spotlight tonight. get out of my bathtub. p and p moments away. all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place, and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. get a 30-day free trial at someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus.
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bill: time for pinheads and patriots. jessica simpson getting involvedded in the haitian situation. organizing a drive to collect shoes for the defendant stated haitian people no trivial matter. walking barefoot there can lead to a variety of diseases shoes are in short supply. so miss simpson is a patriot. on the pinhead front look at this our pal larry king twitter today this picture so the whole world can see it.
8:56 pm
apparently from a comedy skit on letterman meant to promote a jim carrey movie a couple of years ago. why mr. king put this out now is contusion. whether here's a pinhead or not is entirely up to to you. make it a bold fresh evening this coming saturday. as the beck/o'reilly bold fresh tour hits hundreds of movie theaters across america. we've sold out in pittsburgh, rancho mirage, irvine and bakersfield, california. to fan a theater near you go to we'll see new tampa, charleston and norfolk, virginia this weekend for the live show. if you would like nifty bold fresh gear go to billoff all the proceeds go to charities, including some in haiti. pass dean -- pasadena, california saturday february
8:57 pm
13th. maureen: i'm a red stater obama hit it out of the park last night he's moving to the center. one of the reasons obama was elected he passed himself off as a centrist. we won't fall for the same trick twice. john: bill i think even the president is watching your talking points he seems to be taking your advice. i hope so. george: sorry bill the president's call for spending freeze means nothing in the scheme of things. linda: o'reilly, since the president doesn't control fiscal policy except for veto power do you think his words hold water? don't know after his public statement if he approves a hike in discretionary spending, he's done, over. peg : bill, you are right. the positive outcome of tim tebow's mom deciding to keep tim instead of an ing him, should be celebrate --
8:58 pm
celebrated. they are not advocating choice, at all. lorraine: tim's mother was told she might die while giving birth. she should be praised as a woman. nicole: i was excited to hear charles krauthheimer may become a remember -- become a regular: for a title i suggest mr. sauerkraut. might be a bit hard. can i have event. in the 80s i to the tampa sun dome see heavy metal bands tomorrow night i'm going to see you and beck with my parents. what has happened to me? you wised up. bill, you said you learned something new new every time you see the godfather. i learn something new every time i open bold fresh.
8:59 pm
excellent. i'm bill o', get a nifty american patriot pen, free this is a tremendous deal. our website: factor website with talking points memo e-mail us pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o' a fabulist. excellent word. i am bill o'reilly we hope to see you again next time. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ >> sean: in last night's state of the union address the president spen

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